Responsive web design is the approach to the design of websites from usage on an array of devices.

While desktop browsing is still a huge part of the Internet every year its share reduces. You now have an array of devices that can access the internet from Smartphones, Tablets, TV screens and even watches. With a new age of connected technologies people will be connecting to your website from Cars to Fridges. 

  • 80% of Internet Users own a Smartphone
  • People also use Smart TVs and Smart Watches to access online
  • Nearly 40% of website usage comes from Mobile Phones

With this in mind your website has to be able to adapt to the device to make it as easy for the user to experience and navigate your website. Gone are the days of having to endlessly pan and scroll across the screen of a phone to find something on a website. Responsive design creates a uniques layout depending suited to the type of screen that is accessing the website.