As a new business what Social Media should you be on. It can be daunting with the number of choices out there and is it a waste of time when your time is both valuable and important.

Some of the choices include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Google +, Pinterest and Foursquare.

For most businesses Facebook will suffice with any videos created going on Youtube.

For SEO reasons and Google Ranking I also believe it is good to have a presence on Google +.

Depending on your business others also might warrant a look such as Pinterest which is really important for the Female market and in design,style and food sectors.

Facebook is also starting to integrate with workspaces and looking to be used as a communication tool within offices and businesses. It is being used for finding basic information about a business as well such as opening times and locations and can be worthwhile for questions from your customers as it is seen as less formal and easier than email.

With all these you have to see what you are getting from them and if it is worth the time you are spending updating them. We are here to help and are on hand to discuss any specific questions you have about your businesses social reach.